About Tech Precision

Your Large-Scale Solution

It starts with an intimate understanding of the industry, technologies, applications, regulations, and customer specifications. It ends with well-engineered, cost-effective turnkey solutions, delivered on schedule and within budget.

Our subsidiaries combine decades of specialized, end-to-end fabrication experience and capacity to address the unique challenges of the Cleantech, energy, medical, aerospace, and defense sectors. By drawing on our combined resources, knowledge, and expertise, we leverage cross-market insights to engineer, machine, assemble, test, and deliver turnkey solutions for some of the most advanced, large-scale fabrication challenges.

The rigorous and extreme nature of these specialized industries demands zero tolerance for failure. Our end-to-end production capacity guarantees the highest level of quality, precision, and reliability—in both your finished components and the professionals who fabricate them. The subsidiary companies of TechPrecision are certified and registered across numerous industries, and staffed with skilled and knowledgeable professionals who understand the extreme applications and environments your components must endure. Their fabrication expertise, attention to detail, and complete program management and integration process ensure your critical, large-scale components withstand the demands of their unique applications.