Alternative Energy

TechPrecision: Alternative Energy

Environmental concerns. A finite supply of fossil fuels. Soaring energy demands. These are just a few of the many reasons researchers, scientists, and engineers within the energy sectors are searching for cleaner, more renewable and efficient sources of power. The alternative energy sector is re-evaluating established approaches, developing next-generation technologies in an effort to find the right balance of efficiency, reliability, and cost. TechPrecision can take the alternative energy sector's ideas to the next level by utilizing the insights, resources, and end-to-end metal fabrication and machining capacity that have helped other leading companies get there already.

TechPrecision subsidiaries have proven, end-to-end metal fabrication and machining expertise delivering large-scale alternative energy components and technologies to companies within various energy sector markets. This includes new alternative energy technologies and components for the nuclear, solar, LED, geothermal, and hydroelectric markets. We are engaged in the development and enhancement of current and next-generation technologies for these as well as other equally demanding and specialized markets. TechPrecision helps you realize your alternative energy innovations, delivering turnkey solutions for your critical, large-scale component needs.


General Capabilities Highlight: Alternative Energy

Relying on decades of challenging manufacturing work on current and new alternative energy components and technologies, the subsidiaries of TechPrecision are capable of delivering end-to-end, cost-effective solutions to your large-scale component fabrication and machining challenges.

Our subsidiaries have provided precision, quality alternative energy components for leading companies in the nuclear, solar, LED, wind, and geothermal power sectors—handling everything from full-scale production runs to refurbishing and prototype manufacturing. These large-scale, alternative energy components and technologies have included dual-chamber processing vessels for poly-Si ingot production, outage and new build equipment for nuclear plants, and large-scale turbines and shafts for wind energy production.