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Growing in popularity, the use of gas turbines to produce energy—whether for a municipality or a large-scale facility—has both its benefits and challenges. These self-contained systems are efficient, capturing and harnessing the gases produced to further drive the system. But in gas turbine power generation, the environment is harsh on the critical, large-scale components. The constant exposure to pressurized steam wears down internal, precision components, affecting efficiency and maintenance required. As a result, operational overhead is increased, as well as time spent utilizing alternative power sources while the system is shut down for maintenance.

To keep downtime and costs to a minimum, you need solutions that only decades of precision work for today's most demanding industries can deliver. TechPrecision knows ways to optimize manufacturability, overall performance, and reduce the manufacturing costs of your large-scale, critical components. We provide not only cost-effective, end-to-end solutions that minimize lead times and downtimes, but also regular maintenance plans to ensure your equipment and operations are getting the most out of every watt generated.

General Capabilities Highlight: Gas Turbines

Our subsidiaries are singularly capable of handling the precision fabrication and machining for your large-scale, gas turbine refurbishment and maintenance. Our professionals are skilled at performing the critical processes for gas turbine refurbishment, restoring your large-scale components to their original profiles. Because our professionals understand the wear on your large-scale components, they can work with you to develop a regular gas turbine maintenance plan, with regular turbine refurbishment to keep energy production as efficient as possible. In addition, because our end-to-end capabilities deliver quick turnaround times, the downtime of your operations is kept to a minimum.

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