TechPrecision: Geothermal

As exploration into more environmentally safe and renewable sources of energy continues, attention is drawn to one of the earth's most explosive, natural occurrences: geothermal power. Tapping into the natural steam produced and released by the planet seems like an ideal choice in energy production. However, the steam's abrasive nature—littered with particulate from inside the earth—presents a constant challenge for scientists and engineers looking to increase geothermal turbine uptimes in the hopes of making this option financially viable and more universally adopted.

Our subsidiaries have been developing and executing solutions to these challenges for decades. Leveraging insights from the rigors of gas turbine and hydroelectric energy production, we can devise and implement production plans that cover end-to-end metal fabrication, machining, and refurbishing of your large-scale, precision components. TechPrecision can provide safe, effective solutions for turbine refurbishing and prototype components, optimizing for manufacturability and full-scale production costs. Our insights allow us to identify and address challenges, maximize component effectiveness, and deliver turnkey solutions that exceed your expectations for precision and quality.

General Capabilities Highlight: Geothermal

With decades of cross-market alternative energy manufacturing insights, the subsidiaries of TechPrecision are capable of producing your sophisticated geothermal turbines and components, exceeding your expectations for quality, precision, and cost. Utilizing unmatched end-to-end manufacturing capabilities, the teams of TechPrecision can perform all of the critical geothermal turbine and component production on-site—from processing and fabrication to machining and testing—eliminating the need for outside servicing and lowering overall costs. Their large-scale component capacity easily handles your largest geothermal turbines, and the quality assurance programs in place ensure your geothermal power components perform reliably, effectively, and safely.

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