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Harnessing natural power through the use of hydroelectric technologies is an obvious solution. The constant flow of water can generate near limitless amounts of power. However, the critical, large-scale hydroelectric turbines and components used to produce electricity are subjected to harsh environments, and the regular wear of these precision parts affects efficiency and output over time. Additionally, the regular replacement and repair of these large-scale metal components can be costly both in terms of money and time spent utilizing an additional power source while the facility is off-line.

TechPrecision understand how the rigors of hydroelectric power generation can affect your large hydroelectric turbines, impacting output performance and the bottom line. Our proven experience fabricating and machining large-scale, critical components has given us unmatched cross-market insights that improve the durability, reliability, and abrasion resistance of your precision components. Our subsidiaries' end-to-end fabrication capabilities and process engineering expertise allow us to reduce cost and turnaround times, optimizing large-scale component designs for effectiveness, durability, and price. Additionally, our understanding of the metallurgy, tolerances, and applications allow us to develop maintenance plans that predict when your critical components will need repair, helping keep downtime to a minimum.

General Capabilities Highlight: Hydroelectric

The subsidiaries of TechPrecision are well versed in large-scale component fabrication and machining, and are capable of performing the necessary hydroelectric turbine maintenance, as well as manufacturing, to keep your hydroelectric power generation facility up and running. Working with you, our teams can assess the wear on your large hydroelectric turbines and perform the precision refinishing that helps your facility operate at the peak of efficiency. In addition, our end-to-end capacity ensures quick turnaround times, so regular hydroelectric turbine maintenance won't keep you off-line longer than necessary.

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