We Are Where Industry Is Going

Our breadth of knowledge, experience, and resources across some of the world's most demanding, stringent industries is what keeps TechPrecision, and its clients, at the leading edge of innovation. TechPrecision understands the extreme environments, wide-ranging operating parameters, and advanced materials requirements of the Cleantech, alternative energy, medical, aerospace, and defense sectors. We deliver fabrication and machining solutions that ensure your large-scale components can perform the way they are engineered to.

Leveraging decades of cross-market skill and expertise, as well as an unmatched capacity for end-to-end manufacturing solutions, TechPrecision helps clients streamline their fabrication process, saving them time and money. We provide design guidance and recommendations for producing next-generation technologies that improve the efficiency, quality, and effectiveness of advanced, industry-specific applications. And we ensure the quality, durability, and stability of every component we fabricate, because we understand that in these unique, specialized sectors, there is no room for error.

Alternative Energy

Power Generation


General Capabilities Highlight: Vessel and Chamber Manufacturing

As the world continues to improve current power generation technologies, as well as investigate the potential of newer, more efficient forms of energy, researchers, scientists, and engineers continue to need safe, reliable, and effective ways to store, harness, or otherwise produce raw power. The companies of TechPrecision are uniquely qualified to help you produce the large-scale components necessary to keep energy under control. The subsidiaries of TechPrecision have a proven history of customer vessel, tool, and chamber fabrication for numerous specialized industries and applications.

In particular, our subsidiary, Ranor, Inc., has earned a reputation as the industry leader capable of executing end-to-end pressure vessel fabrication and machining solutions for demanding industries such as defense, aerospace, and solar. Its reputation for sophisticated, cost-effective solutions for some of the most complex prototype and full-scale production challenges has made it the exclusive pressure vessel manufacturer for some of these industries' most prestigious companies.