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The need for improved treatments and definitive cures drives the medical industry's technology forward. In specific fields such as cancer treatment, physicians, scientists, and engineers are working diligently to develop new therapies and procedures that effectively treat this disease without causing greater physical harm to the patient. But even here, cost can become an issue, and the adoption of such life-saving technologies will only occur if the price for implementation makes it a viable option for regular treatment—the less expense, the more attractive the technology becomes.

TechPrecision is currently engaged in fabricating an advanced piece of technology in the fight against cancer, producing many of the key, large-scale components for the medical industry's revolutionary proton beam radiotherapy system. Relying upon decades of cross-market experience, including insights from the nuclear and aerospace sectors, TechPrecision provided turnkey manufacturing solutions that helped produce the newest generation of proton beam radiotherapy systems. Our end-to-end fabrication knowledge, resources, and experience have helped bring this next-generation technology to the market at a price that makes this promising option in cancer treatment viable.

General Capabilities Highlight: Medical

The cross-market insights and experience, as well as challenging manufacturing work within the nuclear markets, make the subsidiaries of TechPrecision singularly capable of performing the critical, precision nuclear medical component fabrication and machining your current and next-generation designs demand.

In addition, because of their unmatched end-to-end production capabilities, they are capable of performing the entire large-scale medical component manufacturing on-site, helping ensure consistent quality and precision while reducing the overall cost of productions. The subsidiaries of TechPrecision deliver turnkey medical nuclear components that exceed your expectations for quality, precision, and cost.

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