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Utilizing next-generation technologies to produce power can be a smart investment. With a finite amount of fossil fuels available and growing global populations, the world is becoming more environmentally conscious. The ability to harness nuclear and gas power to generate needed electricity, as well as find solutions to make fossil fuels burn cleaner and more efficiently, has the potential to reduce overhead and our overall carbon footprint. However, the large-scale, precision components utilized in these systems are subjected to constant forces, including temperature changes, extreme pressures, and particulate debris. The result is a demand for precision fabricated and machined components that can withstand these extreme environments, maintaining the efficiency of your power generation systems. From new build and prototypes to maintenance and full-scale production, your large-scale, critical components must be delivered with precision and quality—the smallest error can cost much more than additional funds for replacement.

TechPrecision understands the nature of power generation equipment, why the need for perfection is so important and how the life cycle of a system's power generation components affects the success of your operations. Leveraging decades of cross-market experience in some of today's most demanding power, energy, and medical sectors, we fabricate and machine precision, large-scale power generation components critical to your operations. Additionally, we can provide plans that address the regular maintenance of large-scale power generation components, anticipating when repairs will be needed and delivering solutions that exceed expectations for quality and cost. Our end-to-end fabrication capabilities streamline the manufacturing process, keeping turnaround times, and time spent operating on a different energy source, to a minimum.

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The companies of TechPrecision leverage insights from established power generation markets such as nuclear to help next-generation power generation options grow. With unmatched experience, end-to-end capabilities, and large-scale component capacity, our companies can deliver turnkey power generation components that exceed your expectations for precision, quality and cost.