Mechanical Capacity, Human Expertise

It takes more than the right machines to deliver the kind of precision, large-scale component machining and fabrication that the growing solar, nuclear, medical, and power generation industries demand. The subsidiary companies of TechPrecision were selected as much for the skill and experience of their professionals as they were for their end-to-end, large-scale fabrication capacity.

The personnel at TechPrecision apply decades of cross-market knowledge and experience to every project. Our professionals understand the unique and extreme environments your components must withstand, as well as the stringent specifications and regulations they must adhere to. They develop and implement complete project plans—from the selection of the best metals to the precision machining of complex parts and nondestructive inspections—that make your current and next-generation technologies a reality.

Our personnel are capable of performing the large-scale component machining and fabrication your designs demand with quality, precision, and repeatability. Their large-scale welding, processing, assembly, and nondestructive inspection experience—covering such demanding sectors as nuclear, aerospace, and defense—allowing them to confidently identify and address manufacturing challenges as they arise, with thoughtful, well-executed approaches that work the first time. The experience and insights of our professionals not only deliver the tight tolerances and specifications you demand, but can also help improve the manufacturability, safety, and cost of your finished large-scale metal components.

TechPrecision is where industry is going because its professionals are already there.

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